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wild bunny cut

 some major flirting going on. ^^

Starting from 0:06

Jae: “Is this really a guy’s clothes?”

0:07 (Written on vid): “Khun undergoing a transformation for his sexy photo shoot”

Khun: “I go to sleep this like.”

Written on vid: “Man~ It looks comfy~”

Jae: “Oh Nickhun-ssi. What are you doing right now?”

Khun: “For an MC, you’re doing whatever you want.”

Jae: “Me? That’s because I’m a whatever-i-want-to-do-MC.”

Jae: “What is the concept for the photoshoot today?”

Khun: “Prince!”

Jae: “Six-pack! Prince!” (Basically, he shortens the Korean word for Prince and makes it sound like the word “six pack.”)

Khun: “This is a prince’s sleep uniform.” (Note: He really said sleep uniform in korean, instead of sleep pajamas. Khun is so cute. ^3^)

Jae: “Ohh. Prince.”

0:32 on the vid written: “(Darling) I’ll see you later. Meet you outside.”

0:34: (that impatient guy…)

-(next scene)-

Jae: “They say that Nichkhun is starting to photoshoot!”

Jae: “Nichkhun-ssi! Are you sleeping????”

Khun: “I need to go to sleep! That’s the concept!”

Jae: “Oh! Okay then, go to sleep~~”

Jae: “Oh so cute.”

Jae: “Oh~~”

Jae: “Nichkhun, this is needed for this show. Please show us a sexy look please.”

Jae: “Oh~~”

0:55 captioned in vid: “The bystander’s surprised cries can be heard!!”

(Nichkhun laughing embarrassingly. <3)


Jae: “(The mike) Is short! We need to stick close.”

Jae: “Nichkhun-ssi. I love you.”

Nichkhun: “Yes. Me too.”

Jae, what he’s saying and also captioned in vid: “(Saying loud things) If this mike was not between us, what would have happened?”

Jae: “Don’t do that to me!!” (oh please. We all know that he loves it. *-*)

-(Different scene)-

Jae: “Nichkhun, they’re saying that (your pose) is too bland!”

Jae: “Give us another sexy pose!”

1:15 captioned: “Our Nichkhun has CHANGED!”

Jae: “We’re liking it too much over here!”

Khun: “Please be quiet!”

Jae: “Okay, I understand. Sorry, I’ll leave now.”

Jae: “Ahem~ Something came!”

Jae: “Tonight is lovely~ Please show us something like this!”

1:29 captioned: “The Pose-Master KHUN!”

Jae: “Oh~ That’s good.”

1:31 captioned: “NUNAS! It’s wrong to sleep on a night like this!”

Jae: “Oh~~”

Jae: “Oh~ Please don’t do something like that to me!”

Jae: “You’ve become really weird, stop it!”

Jae: “Ahh~ So cute. If a guy sees this and thinks he’s cute, if a girl sees this, how much MORE would she think that he was cute?”

Jae: “Ahh. I’m so jealous.”

1:46 captioned: “The person filling up time for the show, Jae Beom!”

Jae: “Right now, every girl would want to be your pillow!”


It ends with a random comment, but that didn’t relate to jaekhun love



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